Prisha S. Profile Thumb

Prisha S.

8 days ago

it was amazing. I feel that the maintenance could be better, however it was great living at park. The pool is the most fun feature and the location is prime.

Nikitha M. Profile Thumb

Nikitha M.

12 days ago

I really enjoy living at PM. The amenities are great, including the study rooms and the gym. Its a great environment to do work during the week, but also to socialize on the weekends!

Thank you for the amazing review Nikitha . If you need any please let us know.

Samhitha T. Profile Thumb

Samhitha T.

18 days ago

Beautiful area, every resident is so nice and the apartments and townhouses are the best places to be. The gym and other commodities come in handy.

Thank you Samhitha for the amazing review. if you need anything please let us know

Chhabra A. Profile Thumb

Chhabra A.

21 days ago

Living at park on mortin has been a great experience of my college life, i started living here in my sophomore year and now its my senior year

Thank you Chhabra for the amazing review. please let us know if you need anything. we will be happy to assist you.

Andrew S. Profile Thumb

Andrew S.

22 days ago

Overall, a solid experience. The one thing they could work on is cleaning up the halls more often. There are frequently dirty halls and stairwells for several days on end. It seems like things get cleaned once a week if even.

Thank you Andrew for the great review. we will work on the halls getting cleaned more. If you need anything please let us know

Karlie B. Profile Thumb

Karlie B.

24 days ago

Very good. Everything was realitivly clean besides the bathroom. The bathroom had cob webs and dusty patches. It looked like our room hadn’t been clean in a while but that’s okay. Thank you

hello Karlie thank you for the review and feedback we apologize for the cleanness of you room please let us know if you need anything.