Sunny Profile Thumb


7 days ago

Overall, it's been an good experience; however, rent is a bit on the expensive side, so that is one reason why my roommates and I will be moving elsewhere next semester.

Damini Profile Thumb


8 days ago

Overall I have had a very good experience with Park on Morton. When moving in the spaces were clean and the staff was extremely helpful with move-in directions. Additionally, anytime a maintenance request was put in, the issue was resolved in a timely manner.

Aayush Profile Thumb


10 days ago

Living here has been decent. You might have noisy upstairs neighbours like me if you're unlikely but its not unbearable. Maintainence is always friendly and the rooms in general are pretty good.

Muskan Profile Thumb


12 days ago

I really like living here at park on Morton. It is a good place for students who go to indiana university, and also at a great location with good facilities.

Nathan Profile Thumb


14 days ago

I had the opportunity to live at Park on Morton for a year, and I have to say that my experience was fantastic. From the modern amenities to the excellent location, I couldn't have asked for a better living situation. One of the standout features of Park on Morton is the location. It's situated right in the heart of downtown Bloomington, which is a bustling college town. Additionally, the apartment complex is located just a few blocks away from the Indiana University campus, making it an ideal location for students. The amenities at Park on Morton are also top-notch. The building is equipped with a 24-hour fitness center, which was always clean and well-maintained. There's also a study lounge and a computer lab, which came in handy when I needed a quiet place to work on projects or study for exams. All in all, I would highly recommend Park on Morton to anyone looking for a convenient, modern, and comfortable living situation in Bloomington.

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14 days ago

There are many reasons why your apartment is pretty good. Firstly, it provides you with a comfortable and convenient living space that is all yours. You have a roof over your head, a place to call home, and a sense of security and privacy. Your apartment also likely comes with a range of amenities that make life easier, such as heating and air conditioning, modern appliances, and possibly even a gym or swimming pool. These amenities can save you time and money by making it easier to stay healthy and comfortable without leaving your building. Additionally, your apartment is likely located in a desirable area, close to amenities such as shops, restaurants, and public transportation. This means you have easy access to everything you need, which can save you time and make life more convenient.